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Y-STR Paternal Ancestry DNA Test

The Y-STR (paternal ancestry) DNA test can confirm your relationship to long-lost relatives and paternal ancestors. This ancestry DNA test is also often used to provide additional evidence in difficult paternity cases in which the alleged father is not available for testing-indirectly, it can tell whether or not a child is related to the alleged father's brothers and other male relatives who share a common paternal line.

DNA Paternity TestThe genealogy DNA test is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed from father to son relatively unchanged through many generations. The illustration to the right shows a typical inheritance pattern for the Y chromosome. Because the Y chromosome follows the same father-to-son pattern much like surnames in our Western culture, the test has also been referred to as a "Surname Test."

Although the Y chromosome is only found in males, women can also indirectly participate in a Y-STR DNA test if they are interested in determining their paternal ancestry. They would need to ask a biological male relative, such as a father, brother, paternal uncle, or paternal grandfather to contribute a sample for comparison testing with her potential paternal relative or ancestor.

DNA Paternity TestIn a Y-STR DNA test, specific locations on the Y chromosome are examined to generate a Y-STR profile for each male tested. Males who are related through their fathers will tend to have the same or similar Y-STR profiles, and males who are not related will likely have different Y-STR profiles.

Most genealogy DNA testing companies allow for you to enter your DNA profile into a database with the hope of finding matches or possible relatives. Paternity Express' testing labs provide the scientific confirmation of the relationship once you have identified a possible relative from your ancestry search-by performing a comparative analysis, testing both you and the possible relative using 17 Y-STR markers, which will tell you whether or not your Y-STR profiles are consistent, or not consistent, with the conclusion that you and the possible relative(s) may be related through a common male ancestor.

In paternity situations where the alleged father is missing, Y-STR analysis cannot distinguish a specific relationship between males who belong to the same paternal line. However, it is useful for excluding males from an alleged biological relationship. For example, if a male child and his alleged uncle (alleged father's full brother) are tested, their Y-STR profiles must match. If they do not, then the alleged uncle is excluded (not considered a biological uncle) and the alleged father is probably not the biological father.

There are many scenarios in which Y-STR tests may be employed. To determine if this test will help you in your unique situation, please complete the Paternity Express online contact form or call 1-888-312-4362. A caring, knowledgeable case manager will contact you to review information you provide and assist you through the process.

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