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Genetic Reconstruction DNA Test

DNA Paternity TestA series of DNA tests needs to be conducted to determine whether or not a child is related to the alleged father's close relatives in a genetic reconstruction case. It is an alternate way to determine family relationships when an alleged father is deceased or otherwise unavailable for a paternity test. Results of genetic reconstruction may be used as proof in Social Security benefit or matters of inheritance claims.

In the genetic reconstruction test, the child's DNA profile is compared with the DNA profiles of at least two of the alleged father's close relatives. A close relative may be a full sibling or a biological parent. Each individual's DNA profile is unique, but close relatives will share a significant portion of their DNA profiles because of the hereditary nature of DNA.

DNA Paternity TestGenetic reconstruction requires complex analytical methods. If only two of the alleged father's close relatives are available to take the test, participation of the child's mother is required. If the child's mother is not available, Paternity Express can only perform the test with the participation of at least three close relatives of the alleged father.

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DNA Paternity Test

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