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Drug Test

Hair Drug Test

Hair testing is a process in which hair specimens are analyzed for illegal drugs. When a drug is ingested, it enters the blood stream and is broken down to a specific metabolite. When a hair sample is screened, both the parent drug and the metabolite are isolated. Any samples that screen positive are confirmed using GC/MS (Gas Chromotography/Mass Spectrometry) technology.

Controlled Substances Test

Our testing laboratories exist for the sole purpose of testing oral fluids for the presence of drugs – of all sorts. Court systems as well as private employers utilize our testing laboratories’ services due to the availability of its proprietary saliva collection device and utilization of Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry in sample analysis. The collection device does not produce instant results, but is aimed at enabling sample collectors to obtain samples easily for purposes of full lab testing.

DNA Paternity Test


Relationship Testing Performed By An AABB Accredited Laboratory

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