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DNA Sample Viability Test

DNA Paternity TestA DNA sample viability test is performed on unusual samples to check for the presence of usable DNA for a paternity or other DNA tests. In paternity cases where the alleged father is missing or unavailable, we may be able to use preserved samples such as blood, hair, or other body tissues.

If there are samples which might be used in a viability test, please call Paternity Express 1-888-312-4362 to discuss this possibility with one of  our case managers, who will tell you the probability of obtaining usable DNA from the sample, and specify a DNA sample viability test fee.


DNA Paternity Test You will need to provide the following information when you call:

  • The name and contact information of the coroner, medical examiner, hospital, funeral home or any other facility who is in possession of the sample.
  • The age and storage condition of the sample.
  • The size or amount of available sample.

The viability test fee is variable and depends on sample type and condition. This non-refundable fee is separate from the paternity test fee and needs to be paid before testing begins. If the viability test reveals the presence of usable DNA,  a Paternity Express consultant will call you to arrange sample collection for the other test participants. A standard DNA test will then proceed.


DNA Paternity Test DNA Paternity Test DNA Paternity Test DNA Paternity Test


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