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DNA Profile

Our DNA profiling service affords a person the opportunity to get a record of their genetic fingerprint.  It is the unique combination of 16 markers found in one’s DNA which serves as a permanent genetic ID (Profile). Organizations and private individuals choose to obtain records of their DNA profiles in case identification is ever needed.  People may opt to get a profile for the following reasons: DNA image



DNA image
  1. Future paternity tests in case of claims on a person's estate
  2. DNA ProfileTo provide a standard for comparison and identification of people in high-risk professions, such as men and women in the military, law enforcement personnel, firefighters, and overseas contractors
  3. DNA ProfileTo assist with the identification of missing persons
  4. DNA ProfileTo give clues about the trail of a missing person one


Sample Collection

DNA samples may be collected either by a trained professional using the Chain of Custody procedure, or privately (self-collection) using Paternity Express' Sample Collection Kit. The Chain of Custody Collection allows you to use the DNA profile in legal proceedings, such as child support and Social Security benefit claims. We will coordinate DNA sample collection at a site which is convenient for you.

You may collect your own DNA sample if results of the test will be used for personal reasons only, and you do not intend to use it in any legal forum. If you decide that private collection is the way you wish to proceed, we will send you a DNA collection kit with detailed instructions and a postage pre-paid envelope for sending your samples to Paternity Express' testing laboratory.


Optional DNA Banking
You may elect to take advantage of our DNA banking service without any additional charge if you order a DNA profile. Our lab will store a sample of the tested individual’s DNA in a safe, secure facility for 15 years—in case the DNA sample is ever needed for additional testing.
DNA image



Order a Test
For a free consultation about using our DNA profiling service, or to order a DNA profile, please call Paternity Express 1-888-312-4362 or complete our order form


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