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DNA Banking

Our labs' DNA banking service provides service to anyone who seeks the peace of mind which comes with knowing that their DNA samples are stored in a safe, secure environment. Banked DNA may be used in future DNA tests to: protect against fraudulent claims against an individual's estate; provide a standard for comparison and identification of people in high-risk professions (e.g., military personnel, law enforcement personnel, firefighting personnel, and overseas contractors) as well as to assist with identification of missing persons and/or provide clues regarding a missing person; identify inherited traits, such as genetic diseases and other physical characteristics. DNA image

DNA image A person's banked DNA can also provide a genetic history which is important as their family's genomic tree is completed. An elderly parent's DNA may provide clues about inherited diseases and other genetic issues, which may eventually be life-saving for other members of the family.

Our labs provide absolutely, positively, confidential service; only you can authorize release of any information on your banked DNA to someone other than yourself. You may elect to use one of the following two service options:

  • Chain of Custody DNA Banking
  • Chain of Custody DNA Banking and Profiling

Chain of Custody DNA Banking
Paternity Express uses its evidentiary Chain of Custody procedure (which ensures that courts and other government agencies will consider the results of any future DNA testing on the stored DNA) to collect your DNA sample which will be collected by a trained technician. Your DNA sample collection appointmentis scheduled at a collection center, hospital, or laboratory close to your home or work. When our lab receives your DNA samples, it will provide you with a banking certificate informing you of the storage period (15 years), names of persons you authorize to retrieve or use your samples, as well as other important information.

Please call us at 888-312-4362 to make an appointment and to coordinate your sample collection and shipping to our labs. Our lab will verify the presence of DNA in the collected sample, and store them for 15 years.

Chain of Custody DNA Banking and Profiling
Our DNA banking and profiling service allows someone to store their DNA sample in a safe, secure facility and obtain a record of their genetic profile. Our labs then run a DNA test on the samples using markers for 16 loci, including the 13 CODIS loci that are recognized globally as standards for human identity testing.

When you elect this method, Paternity Express will send you a Typing Report which lists your allele sizes (your own genetic fingerprint) and a Banking Certificate indicating the storage period and the names of persons whom you authorize to retrieve and/or use the DNA samples. Samples are collected using the Chain of Custody method. Call Paternity Express at 888-312-4362 for our DNA Banking and Profiling fee. You may also visit our DNA Profiling page for additional information.


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