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DNA Test for Adoption

Adoption can be a very traumatic, exciting, rewarding, scary, venture whether you are adopting domestically or internationally. Although most people do have an attorney, adoption agency, or social worker to assist them, the procedure can be quite challenging to even though they have prepared for the process. Your emotions will continue that roller coaster ride until the judge tells you that you are the official parent.

Statistics are proving that more and more people going through the adoption process are opting for a DNA test to familiarize themselves with the biological identity of the prospective child. When you know the biological identity of the child that you are adopting it eases quite a bit of your stress and uncertainty. So, when you decide to do a DNA test, please ring Paternity Express Adoption Case Managers at 1-888-312-4362 and schedule a DNA test.

Accreditations and Affiliations - Paternity Express testing laboratories are very experienced, and their accreditations and certifications include: AABB for DNA testing; ISO 17025 certified by FQS-I; among Others.

If you or your clients are preparing to relinquish parental rights, undergo assisted reproduction, or hope to reunify with a relative separated by adoption, a DNA testis quite often essential for providing answers at any stage of the adoption process. There are many DNA testing services which may be employed during the adoption process; the most frequently requested in connection with adoption cases include, but are not restricted to: paternity, maternity, siblingship, and grandparentage testing. See Paternity Express Testing Services to learn more about these individual DNA tests as well as other DNA tests. Paternity Express staff of caring adoption services case managers are easily accessible 1-888-312-4362 to speak with you, or you may request additional information or a call back from one of them by completing our contact form.


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Relationship Testing Performed By An AABB Accredited Laboratory

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